Market Studies

Mason White & Associates conducts market studies for New Facilities/Programs, Competitor Research (including mystery shopping), and Strategic Marketing Plan Development.


Managed Care


Mason White & Associates provides Review, Analysis, Negotiation, Completion and Implementation of managed care contracts for provider and payor organizations.  Design, Development and Operation of networks consistent with applicable standards.  MACRA compliance and value-based contract completion and performance.

Reimbursement and Revenue Cycles

Mason White & Associates delivers fee schedule expertise - RBRVS fee schedules for physicians and other healthcare practitioners (allied health, etc.), per diem, APGs and MS DRGs, as well as episode of treatment case rates for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Let us help with verifying that listings in managed care directories are accurate, correct handling of referrals (treatments appropriately authorized, single case agreements/ letters of agreements completed as necessary, reviewing payments to ensure compliance with contracts/agreements, and contractual collection issues with payers and patients.

The Patient Experience 

Mason White & Associates works with clients to identify opportunities to impact the patient experience and develops targeted trainings for employees to emphasize the patient's perspective.